We should all visit an Optometrist, also known as an eye doctor Fort Myers, at least once a year.  Reason being we need to check if we need glasses or lenses to correct our vision so we can read better or see further.  This might affect our driving, or perhaps our reading, and may be a cause of headaches we’re having from squinting. If you already have correctional lenses then you should certainly have them checked annually as well as our eyes change, and our prescription can become out dated.

There is also another good reason why we should see an eye doctor, particularly as we get older, eyes can be susceptible to degenerative diseases which if left unchecked can lead to loss of sight and even blindness.  So how can you choose a good eye doctor in Fort Myers?

What to Look for in a Good Eye Doctor Fort Myers

Pardon the pun, but what should you look for in a good eye doctor?  Well you should look for a qualified Optometrist who provides eye exams as well as screening for common eye diseases.  You would also be wise to choose an optician’s office that also supplies and fits eyewear and corrective lenses so that you can ensure the lenses or glasses you choose are right for you.

In terms of eye health services, a good Optometrist will carry out retinal disease exams which might include pressure tests and scans which will look at the health of your eyes, to ensure that nothing may develop further into an issue for your vision.  The Optometrist will also carry out screening tests to see if you are suffering from signs of some common eye diseases to which you may be genealogically susceptible such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macro degeneration.

If caught early through screenings and testing many common eye health issues can be resolved or curbed so that they don’t develop into a condition that will reduce your eyesight or result in total blindness.  

Choice of Glasses and Lenses

Some of the larger eye doctors have a wide range of frames available including luxury designer frames which can have any lenses added to them including sunglasses lenses which include your prescription, or for reading, long distance or varifocal purposes.  If you have a wide choice of frames you will be able to select those that suit your face shape, nose length and skin and hair tone so that you come away feeling great about your new glasses. There’s nothing worse than coming away from the opticians, especially for children with their first pair of glasses, feeling like they have medical devices on their faces.  Instead designer glasses feel like a fashion accessory, contributing to your look.

If you’ve not yet tried out contact lenses you may be nervous that putting them in could be difficult, or that they will irritate your eyes, but in fact many people love their lenses because they allow them to carry on an active life style.